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Our Company

Super Piling & Concrete a company under Asia Express has been known as a symbol of Yangon's shining star. Since 1992,we have helped develop Yangon's skyline with its many high-rise real estate development projects. We work on many government and non-government development projects such as highway infrastructure projects. We specialize in foundation piling (bored and pressed piling) for bridges and high-rise building projects. To suppor our work, we have a fleet of heavy construction trucks, machineries and equipment which we also make available for rent.

We are currently registered with the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development with a registration number of 220 from 1992-1993. YCDC Bored & Press Piling License no (PL-48) of 2016.



Our Services

Being the best in our field means that we are committed to deliver every single project with our meticulous work in a given schedule and projected budget.

Press Pile Services

Press piling utilize small, handy equipment grate for piling in small places where construction height is a concern. The pressing of pile sections using hydraulics does not cause any vibration or noises, like other methods of piling. Furthermore, the soil is displaced by precast pile, it does not need to be removed from the site. Piles are manufactured dry, therefore not requiring water or other fluids to be flushed. Pressed piles are most often used for reinforcing foundation and settlement-sensitive constructions that need to be retained.

Spun Pile Services

Spun piling is quickly growing at present and the nature of working process is the same as press piling. Some advantages of spun pile are:

  1. Cost saving
  2. Easy availability
  3. Pilferage proof
  4. Maintenance free
  5. Easy to handle & transportation
  6. Stronger & uniform
  7. Better aesthetic
  8. Equal strength in all direction
  9. Stay anchor are considerably
  10. Reduced

Bored Pile Services

Bored cast-in-situ reinforced concrete (RC) piling technology is one of the most popular deep foundation construction methods around the world. Bored piling is used when deep foundation is required in order to transfer large weight loads, such as in urban area, flyover, bridges and power plants. This method of deep foundation piling was introduced in Myanmar in the late sixties. Since 1990s, we have developed and established strict quality control protocols to produce the quality of bored piles with the best pricing option.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete helps ensure the quality of concrete meets specifications based on the project delivering unified results. Our team works with each project to determine the properties of concrete for each project based off of specifications. The specific recipe is created for each of our client, our quality control determine if the aggregate size, slump, air content and strength of concrete ensure the best concrete for each project. The components of sand, gravel, cement, fly ash are stored in moisture controlled environments. Should a project have added challenges such as extreme temperature or long delivery times, admixtures are added to the rotating drum mounted on trucks to guard the quality of the concrete.

Our Team

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