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Bored Pile Service

Bored cast-in-situ reinforced concrete (RC) piling technology is one of the most popular deep foundation construction methods around the world. Bored piling is used when deep foundation is required in order to transfer large weight load, such as in urban area, flyover, bridges and power plants. This method of deep foundation piling was introduced in Myanmar in the late sixties. Since 1990s, we have developed and established strict quality control protocols to produce the quality of bored piles with the best pricing option.

Bored Pile Working Process

  1. Setting Out Pile Position
  2. Installation of Temporary Steel Casing
  3. Excavation, Bentonite, Pile Toe Cleaning
  4. Rebar Fabrication Installation
  5. Concrete Pouring
  6. Back Filling Pile Head Treatment


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