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Spun Pile Services

Spun piling is quickly growing at present and the nature of working process is the same as press piling. Some advantages of spun pile are:

  1. Cost saving
  2. Easy availability
  3. Pilferage proof
  4. Maintenance free
  5. Easy to handle & transportation
  6. Stronger & uniform
  7. Better aesthetic
  8. Equal strength in all direction
  9. Stay anchor are considerably
  10. Reduced

Sheet Piling Service

Sheet Pile a constructive component in steel, hot rolled, shaped such as achieve a suitable guide for insertion into the adjacent section in the ground, up to a suitable depth below the floor of the excavation, in order to build a continuous wall structure as supporting side pile wall. Some advantages of sheet piles are;

  1. Rapid progress of work with the consequent reduction of duration
  2. Surgery without the use of mortars dry bentonite or polymer resulting in problem and charges of disposal of special waste on landfills
  3. Assembly no bound to atmospheric conditions
  4. Instant load capacity, no need to wait for curing time of concrete, so you can immediately proceed within the excavations.
  5. Adaptability of contexts pose in the present of surface ground water or underground service water. You can keep dry excavation without ever lowering the water table.
  6. Available in the desired length in the form of profiled single/ Double/ Triple and in the tupe of steel and the stiffness required
  7. Easy to transport and handling on site


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