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Completed Bridge Project (New Hi Way Road)

Sr.Project NameLocationYearRemark
1Tha Min Pyo BridgePha Do Township 2009Bored Pile
2Tone Kan BridgeKyaut Da Khar Township2009Bored Pile
3Kywe’ Ma Kue BridgePhyu: Township2009Bored Pile
4Phyu: Chaung BridgePhyu: Township2009Bored Pile
5Kween Chaung BridgePhyu: Township2009Bored Pile
6Kha Bound BridgeTaungoo Township2009Bored Pile
7Satpyar Kyin BridgeTaungoo Township2010Bored Pile
8Swar Chaung BridgeYae Tar Shay Township2010Bored Pile
9Lay Ka BridgeTat Kone Township2010Bored Pile
10Myint Nge BridgeTha Da Oo Township2010Bored Pile
11Sa Gaing GongkyawSa Gaing Township2011Bored Pile

Completed Construction Project

Sr.Project NameLocationYearRemark
1Pearl CondominiumKa Bar Aye Pagoda Road1995Bored Pile
2Ya Tha CondominimMaharbandula Road2000Bored Pile
3Thanzay CondominiumLanmadaw Road2001Bored Pile
4Shwe Asia Apartment48 Street2002Bored Pile
5KBZ Cement FactoryTaungyi Township2005Bored Pile
6YCDC Cement FactoryKalaw Township2006Bored Pile
7Steel FactoryTaungyi Townsship2007Bored Pile
8Steel FactoryMyingyan Township2008Boreed Pile
9Gun FactoryOhk Twin Township2009Bored pile
10EIEGENT HotelNay Pyi Taw Township2010Bored Pile
12Hlaw Karr Electricity Provider ControlShwepyithar Township2012Bored Pile
13Wunatheikdi Football StadiumNaypyitaw Township2013Bored Pile
14MIT JettyThilawar Industry2014Bored Pile
15Bomyatun CondominiumBotahtaung Township2014Press Pile
16Ayeyarwun Yatana CondominiumEast Dagon Township2015Bored Pile
17Shwe Ba Ho HospitalTamwe Township2016Press Pile
18Gamonepwint HospitalTamwe Township2017Bored Pile
19Kanmyanmar 8 th storiesThingunkyun Township2017Press Pile
20Kyaing Tone Hyper Mart ProjectKyaingTone Township2017Press Pile
21Crown Project Zaykabar-11Mingalardone Township2017Press Pile
22Maxxcare Factory Zaykabar-9Mingalardone Township2017Press Pile
23Dry Port Project(Wyartargyi)Earth Dagon Township2017PressnPile

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